10 “Must Have” Tools For Your Home

by Dave Logan


Tools, tools, tools. No matter how simple or complex the problem, rest assured there is a tool to fix it. Today, we’re sharing ten great tools for basic home improvement projects. These are tools you should absolutely have in your arsenal so you can tackle the common fixes you encouter around your own home.

1. Tape measure. You don’t need to drop $40 on a contractor-grade tape measure. Just grab an inexpensive tape measure, and that will be just fine for the house. We recommend at least 15’-25’.

2. Screwdrivers. Buy a quality set of screwdrivers that will last for a long time. Make sure the set has both slotted and Phillips heads in it with various sizes in length. For more specific functions, look to get hex, square, allen, and torx screwdrivers as well. We recommend purchasing a set that has all of the above so you will always be prepared. Make sure the set has a warranty guaranteeing quality and craftsmanship.

3. Hammer. Your best bet is to buy a framing hammer. It’s a hammer that will dominate any job you could possibly need it for around your house. A good hammer is used for more than just pounding in nails, so buy a good one. Cheap hammers come with problems like the head flying off while pulling nails! This is something you don’t want to happen. Both Estwing and Stanley make top-quality hammers.

4. Torpedo level. Having a torpedo level around the house is extremely useful. It’s handy for everything from hanging photographs and artwork, to checking joint alignment of newly constructed floors or walls.

5. Open-end wrenches. Go with Craftsman. You definitely need wrenches in your home collection. Their useful (if not required) for just about everything.

6. Channel lock pliers. Channel lock pliers are nice and long for good leverage and open wide for whatever they need to lock on to. Most nuts and bolts are no match for a solid pair of channel locks. And you won’t break your hands trying to use them!

7. Combination square. Need a precision cut? Of course you do! You can’t go without a combination square for the house. Great for woodworking and metalworking, you can measure angles quickly.

8. 5-in-1 painter’s tool. This is a necessary addition to your toolset. Dynamic and as useful as about any other tool, you can find one in the painting section of any reputable hardware store.

9. Pipe wrench. Big. Red. Adjustable. Pipe wrenches have a formiddable presence and will intimidate any pipe or other round metal item.

10. Safety equipment. Of course you have to be safe! Pick up eye protection, gloves, dust masks, and knee and elbow pads. You may want more safety equipment in the future, but the above will be good to get started.

Now that you have your home improvement tools list, get to the hardware store and make your purchases. Afterall, there’s work to do around the house!

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