Five Projects To Knock Out Before Winter

by Dave Logan   Let’s face it: winter isn’t the ideal time to take on home improvement projects. Sure, there are some indoor projects you can do, but it’s best to get the bulk of your projects done before the … Read More

Paint Your Garage Floor In Five Easy Steps

by Dave Logan   1. Ventilate. Painting your garage floor requires paints, epoxy, and cleaners that most certainly produce toxic fumes. Make sure your garage work area is very well ventilated and you won’t have any problems. Wearing protective eyewear, … Read More

Backflow Prevention

by John Ward   Homes are meant to keep our families safe, but unfortunately many things in our homes can malfunction make us sick or cause more serious harm. The water you use to bathe, drink and clean with can … Read More

10 “Must Have” Tools For Your Home

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Sprinkler System Freeze Protection

By Joe DiBlasi   Here in the Metro Denver area our sprinkler systems are subjected to freeze damage every winter, spring and fall. Your system needs to be professionally serviced for the winter season. At JKJ Lawn Sprinkler we provide … Read More

Asphalt Shingles: Cost Effective and Dynamic

by Dave Logan   Want to know two beautiful things about asphalt shingles? They’re cost effective and dynamic. It’s no wonder why asphalt shingles make up better than 85% of the total roofing market. At the end of the day, … Read More